How should I maintain the WaxGuard protection layer? 

By washing the vehicle every two weeks with WaxGuard Conditioner,  

which contains many of the elements found in WaxGuard Treatment, the  

paint surface will remain in optimum condition. 


Is it possible to wash my car with a WaxGuard protection in the carwash? 

Yes. However, it depends on the quality of the carwash brushes, harsh brushes  

are likely to damage the WaxGuard layer and as such the paint surface. To avoid  

any risk of damage, we recommend WaxGuard Conditioner is used by hand. 


When I wash my car, can I use detergents to clean? 

Yes, the use of neutral detergents is approved. However, the best result can be  

achieved while using the WaxGuard Conditioner. This ensures that the WaxGuard  

layer will stay in an optimum condition.  


What to do with bird excrements on the WaxGuard layer? 

Bird excrements contains aggressive components which do affect the WaxGuard  

layer. Our advise is to remove bird excrements as soon as possible with a soft  

sponge and warm water. Always start with soaking. 


How are insects on the bonnet affected with the WaxGuard layer? 

Insects will not stick to the paint surface which makes it easier to remove when  

washing the vehicle. 


How can I remove insects without agitating the surface? 

Simply wash the car with a soft sponge doused in warm water and a small  

capful of WaxGuard Conditioner. Allow product to soak over insects before removal. 


Is it possible to polish the WaxGuard protection layer? 

This is not necessary. One of the benefits of the product is that it negates the necessity  

to use any polishes for up to 2 years. Polishes contain micro abrasives and could cause damage.