What to do with paint defaults? Is it possible to repaint over a WaxGuard treated surface? 

Clean the affected area using solvent based spirit wipe. Your WaxGuard specialist  

(or body shop) will have the correct product available. 


Is it possible to apply WaxGuard on repaired and repainted panels ? 

Yes, your WaxGuard Specialist is fully trained to do this and he can treat  

the repainted panels at your request.  


Is it possible to claim the WaxGuard treatment in case of vehicle body damage? 

Yes, normally the treatment is part of the value of the car. Most insurance companies  

will re-imburse bodyshops for the re-application of WaxGuard. 


How can I remove possible scratches of the paint surface? 

To remove scratches successfully, it is necessary to use abrasive based products  

which could damage the WaxGuard surface. We recommend you contact your  

WaxGuard Specialist.