WaxGuard is based on a molecular compound of natural hard waxes and special polymer-based  

protective products. Due to its unique composition, it offers one homogeneous protective layer on  

the paint surface. This layer protects the paint surface against acid rain, ultraviolet rays, salt, air  

pollution and road film. Because of the ‘open’ structure of the formulation, the paint surface still  

has the possibility to breathe. WaxGuard offers an unsurpassed water- and dirt repellent layer  

which ensures the surface stays in an optimal condition and retains its deep gloss shine. Washing  

the car will be fun again!  


Both, new and used cars can be treated with WaxGuard. 

Its non-abrasive composition, ensures total compliancy and protection for new paints. 


N.B. Other paint selants available may contain abrasives, these will cause irrecoverable damage  

to your paintwork and will affect the natural gloss. 


The advantages of WaxGuard: